ratio / intellectus
interior installation
carolina härdh



We live in the age of measurability and we solve our problems by calculating, categorizing and defining. The more we count, the further away from human experiences we take ourselves. We escape the subjective, the emotional.

We actually escape our unique sign of beeing a human, and whats sets us apart from the animals, is the ability to free will, to be able to reflect upon common things and think in undefinable sets of mind that coulnd’t be measurabilited. We axude and absorb informations of our surroundings that only intellectus understand. We are always standing in relation to external factors that are related to a situation and at the same time to our sense of mind, which makes it impossible to make definite conclusions in advance. We designing rules and become slaves under manuals, instructions and recipe. We follow the conventional and push ourselves to squared products.

“Human is an intangible thinking thing that cannot be understood mechanically (Det omätbaras renässans, p.112).

To make a genuin living I belive in the importance of always coporate with the sphear of my body; to feel and understand my suroundings of make a genuin living for others.

We are like shapeless clouds covered with a thin layer of skin; we move freely in our outer and inner world, where we live and learn. Meanwhile current mental sensation form us, we constantly develop new mental sensations that changing our shape in infinite. In contact with other clouds we incorporate new forms affected by ourselves. Leaving one mental sensation and keep something else in reciprocation. That’s what makes us human.

Work based on litterature: Bornemark.J, "Det omätbaras renässans: En uppgörelse med pedanternas världsherravälde"